it’s so transparent how straight women are allowed to have an ABUNDANCE of ~women crushes~ without having their heterosexuality doubted for even a second but the moment a lesbian finds any boy even remotely attractive and expresses that she’s obviously fake and “i thought you wERE A L E S B I A N !!!!!!!???????!!!?!?!” and she must really be bi like honestly i am Tired. shut the fuck up. leave us alone. 


“Kylo Ren carried Rey bridal-style because that’s the
easiest, most convenient way to carry someone.”

You have obviously never moved another human being in your
life. For my line of work, I’ve practiced many different “carry” positions, to
include a one-person drag – believe me, even dragging a person is hard, and you’re
not even lifting them off the ground. We humans are heavy, and even someone like Rey, who I’m guessing weighs in at
around only 120/130 lbs, would be difficult to carry over long distances.
Considering he carried her out of the middle of the forest and back to his
ship, I’d say he must have walked the length of a few football fields at least.

In addition to people being pretty solid dead weights, the
bridal carry is probably the most inconvenient method of transporting another
person. Kylo Ren was transporting her through a war zone through enemy fire,
but could he fight? No…because he had both hands full. Other methods, like the “fireman’s
carry”, make it possible to secure the unconscious person with one hand while
keeping the other hand free to carry a weapon. Incidentally, this method was
used at the beginning of Episode III, when Anakin was running around with
Obi-Wan slung over his shoulders. Why not just have Kylo Ren carry her the same

If Kylo had been gearing for “easy and convenient”, he would
have let her drop and then ordered his Stormtroopers to do the hard work. But
he didn’t; he caught her before she fell, and went out of his way to carry her
in his arms in a way that gives it a “romantic” undertone. Before anyone gets
up in arms, I’m not saying that the kidnapping scene was romantic, and one
seconds-long clip doesn’t make Reylo canon. But filmmakers know what they’re
doing when they film these scenes. There’s a reason Kylo Ren carried her like
he did, and it has nothing to do with convenience.



fictional female character trying to pass as male: cuts hair, wears pant

everyone else: ah yes. a boy. a 100% man

me, an actual boy: cuts hair, wears pants and v masc clothes, wears multiple binders, talks in a deep voice, adopts typical male mannerisms, darkens my eyebrows and cheekbones, puts on makeup to look like stubble, works out shoulders and arms, constantly reminds people i am a boy

everyone else: look at this girl, she may dress and act and look manly but she is probably just a lesbian lol